Home inspections are typically part of the home selling process once the buyer puts an offer on a house. Depending on the outcome, they can even give buyers the upper hand in negotiations. If you want to gain more of an advantage as a seller in the real estate transaction, consider a pre-listing inspection before you put your house on the market. With our experience and expertise, All-Pro Home Inspections can help you stay one step ahead. Let’s explore how pre-listing inspections can benefit sellers in today’s real estate market.

Pre-Listing Inspection

1. Identify Issues Early & Address Them at Your Convenience 

There’s nothing worse than a home inspection that reveals a large, costly issue that delays or even derails the home’s sale. Schedule a pre-listing inspection at your convenience, and then you can identify any issues and address them before your home goes on the market. You can also choose contractors who will work within your budget and your time schedule.

2. Establish the Upper Hand and Streamline Negotiations 

The results of the home inspection report often interfere with negotiations and cause delays in the entire process while the seller scrambles to appease the buyer. With a pre-listing inspection, the buyer will have the upper hand in the negotiation. There will be no back-and-forth discussions over repair requests or a reduction in price due to something found at the inspection. When you are proactive, you can enter the negotiation with the confidence that you will quickly reach an agreement.

3. Attract More Buyers Who Are Ready to Move Forward 

You will gain the confidence of serious buyers with a home that has already been inspected. Some buyers have a tight window of time to find a house and will be more attracted to a property that has already been inspected. As long as they like what they see in the real estate listing and the showing, they will be more likely to move forward with a house that comes with a recent inspection report.

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