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Stucco Inspections

Searching for a qualified stucco inspector in the Nashville area? Call the experts from All-Pro Home Inspections. We understand the problems that can affect this type of siding. Call (615) 337-1277 or get an instant quote for a stucco inspection now. You can also schedule online now!

Why Should I Schedule a Stucco Inspection?

At All-Pro we understand that both hardcoat and synthetic stucco (EIFS) have been known to retain moisture underneath the surface of the siding. Damage often results because the moisture is not visible to homeowners. Problems can also occur due to improper installation of the siding, especially synthetic stucco.

So, when buying or selling a home with stucco, it’s wise to schedule a stucco inspection. Being forewarned removes the uncertainty from a real estate transaction so you can make your best decision.

Four Steps to a Stucco Inspection

1. The first step is to determine the moisture level underneath the siding. Our stucco inspectors use probe meters and moisture scanners to determine moisture levels.

2. Next, our inspectors record any defects including improper moisture levels, faulty installation, missing flashing or caulking, and so on.

3. All-Pro inspectors will then share tips on how to best care for and maintain your type of stucco siding.

4. After the inspection, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive report of our findings complete with pictures, areas of concern, and our recommendations for repairs.

As an added benefit, when you schedule a stucco inspection at the same time as a complete home inspection, you’ll receive our valuable free warranties, including the popular RecallChek.

Stucco and EIFS Inspections near Nashville

Fast, Actionable Reports

Our clients appreciate our efficient digital reports that supply the evidence of what we discussed at the inspection appointment. Take this information and use it to make repairs prior to listing or to support your buying decision. We include the following information:

Moisture levels.

Windows, caulking, flashing, and other pertinent information pertaining to stucco.

Problem areas.

Digital photos of high moisture levels and areas of concern.

Why Choose All-Pro?

In addition to stucco and EIFS inspections, we offer many other services for both homeowners and businesses. We also offer a Same Day Inspection Report Guarantee, Guaranteed Same Day or Next Day Inspections, a 200% Inspection Satisfaction Guarantee, and all of our inspectors utilize drones and thermal cameras.

All-Pro: Stucco Inspections and More

At All-Pro Home Inspections, our goal is to provide the information that equips people and businesses to take their next step in an informed manner. Call (615) 337-1277 or schedule online now. We serve Nashville and the surrounding areas including Franklin, Brentwood, Hendersonville, Mt. Juliet, and Murfreesboro. Questions? See our FAQ and common home issues pages for more information.

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