New Construction & 1-Year Warranty Inspections

Have you spent the past year or so building a new home for your family in the Nashville area? Be sure to schedule a new construction home inspection with All-Pro Home Inspections. Protect your new investment by scheduling online, calling us at (615) 337-1277, or getting an instant quote now.

Why Do I Need a New Construction Inspection?

Many homeowners mistakenly think that if they are moving into a completely new home, there is no need for any additional inspections. After all, the materials are new as is the construction, and the home had to pass county inspections during the building process.

County inspectors may not spend the same amount of time that a home inspector does to carefully comb through your home looking for issues that plague new homes. Keep in mind that catching any errors now can save you thousands of dollars later, and if there are code violations, the builder may be required to fix them for you. During these inspections, we typically find the following problems:

Code violations
Damaged roof shingles
Nail holes in the roof shingles
Missing flashings
Deck issues
Electrical problems
HVAC problems
Plumbing issues

Pre-Drywall Inspection

At All-Pro we also recommend scheduling a pre-drywall inspection. Pre-drywall inspections are conducted right before the drywall is installed in the home. This evaluation includes all visible framing and components in the home and helps to ensure proper installation and code compliance. A pre-drywall inspection also includes:

All load bearing and framing components
Electrical systems
Plumbing components
HVAC systems
Predrywall Construction Inspection near Nashville

1-Year Warranty Inspection

A new home builder typically includes a 1-year new construction home warranty on each new home. In our experience, we’ve found that new build homeowners either 1) lose track of time and forget to compile a list of items that the builder needs to fix before the warranty expires, or 2) they are not sure of what to look for. All-Pro recommends that all new-build homeowners schedule a 1-year warranty inspection with us at the 11th month mark. It will include the following:

Detailed analysis of the home
Summary of items to repair or replace
Digital photos of areas of concern
Code violations not corrected prior to closing
A report that includes all the information above
Free New Construction Inspection Warranty Nashville

Free Warranties & RecallChek With Inspection

When you purchase a new construction inspection, we include our $100,000 warranty coverage plus the popular RecallChek on all appliances. You receive the following warranties:

  • Full 1-year structural warranty
  • 5-year platinum roof leak warranty
  • 90-day structural/mechanical warranty
  • 90-day mold growth warranty
  • 90-day main sewer/water line warranty

Protect Your Home Investment

For your peace of mind and to protect your bottom dollar, be sure to schedule a new construction home inspection with All-Pro Home Inspections. Call All-Pro at (615) 337-1277 or schedule online now. We serve Nashville and the surrounding areas including Franklin, Brentwood, Hendersonville, Mt. Juliet, and Murfreesboro with complete home inspections, stucco inspections, radon testing, mold testing, and more! Questions? See our FAQ and common home issues pages for more information.

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