Mold Testing

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During the home inspection process, our inspectors will note if fungal growth is present based on a visual inspection and recommend if further testing is needed to identify the type of mold present.

When You Should Test For Mold

Mold testing will determine if there has been undesirable mold growth in a building that needs to be addressed and the steps to be taken based on the type of mold identified.


It's not uncommon for a standard home inspection to note that fungal growth was found in a certain area that might require additional investigation. A mold-specific inspection and test; however, should be done by a certified and licensed mold inspector.  All-Pro Home Inspections is certified to provide mold-testing services and will recommend mold testing if there are any indications that there may be a mold issue in the home.


Certified Mold Testing Process

First, as a certified mold inspector, we will inspect the outside and inside of your house or building to determine the CAUSE of the mold problem. That's the first and most important question you want answered, "What is causing the mold problem?"


Second, we will determine specifically where moisture is coming from as the result of condensation, flooding, leaks, water infiltration, etc. while using Thermal Imaging Cameras, Moisture Meters, and other diagnostic tools during the inspection. This tells us the CONDITION to which mold grows.


Third, your inspector will collect three surface samples for testing by a professional mold-testing laboratory to determine the type of mold spores present and the SEVERITY of the problem.  


When Mold Remediation Is Needed

Mold remediation (or mold treatment) refers to the process of fixing a mold problem that exists. Mold remediation may include fixing or resolving the water problem that caused the mold growth and cleaning and removing the mold growth or items affected by the mold growth.  Based on the conclusion of the Mold Inspection and Mold Testing, All-Pro MAY advise you to consult a mold remediation company to address the issue.