Include A Termite Inspection In Your Real Estate Transaction

A home inspection is an important step in any real estate transaction, and no wise homeowner should ever forego this evaluation of their potential new home. The inspection will provide you with some crucial information about the home you want to purchase, but there may be some key information missing. At All-Pro Home Inspections, we believe that a termite inspection, in conjunction with your home inspection, will help you to make the best choice about whether or not to make the investment. Keep reading to learn why you should get a termite inspection, and how we can help you with one.

Termite Inspections

Why You Need a Termite Inspection 

The most unfortunate problem with termites is the extensive damage they can do to your home, often before you are even aware of their presence. That is because they rarely emerge from the food sources they are tunneling through. According to the EPA, termites cause billions of dollars in structural damage and cost property owners over two billion dollars treating them each year. Since a termite infestation can be hard to spot, it is always a good idea to give yourself the peace of mind of a termite inspection before you purchase a home.

We Will Help You Get a Proper Inspection

A lot of people don’t realize that home inspections do not include a termite inspection, but it is important to have your home assessed for termites during the real estate transaction. The experts at All-Pro Home Inspections can get this inspection completed for you in conjunction with one of our complete home inspections through a licensed pest control operator. Let us provide you with the facts and tools you need to make an informed decision about your home.

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At All-Pro Home Inspections, we have completed over 25,000 home inspections and have operated our business for over 14 years. In addition to termite inspections, we can provide radon testing, mold testing, sewer line evaluations, and more. Contact us today at (615) 337-1277 if you would like to get a quote, or schedule your inspection online now. We serve Nashville and the surrounding areas including Franklin, Brentwood, Hendersonville, Mt. Juliet, and Murfreesboro.