5 Benefits of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

If there’s anything that makes a homeowner hold their breath during the process of selling their home, it’s the dreaded inspection. There’s no telling what issues might be revealed that could potentially thwart a sale. All-Pro Home Inspections recommends sellers take a proactive approach and get a pre-listing inspection before placing their home on the market. Here are five benefits to a pre-listing inspection of your home.

Pre-listing inspection

1. Take Control Of Home Repairs

With the report in hand from your pre-listing inspection, you have the freedom to get the repairs you want. This also allows you the time to choose the contractors you want for the job on your own time schedule. After a home inspection that’s been initiated by the buyer, sellers often feel pressure to complete repairs quickly so as not to threaten the sale of their home. It’s much better to be able to take your time getting multiple repair estimates.

2. Increase Your Home Value

Any updates you make will only help your home’s value. The fewer issues uncovered by the potential buyer’s inspection, the more likely it is that you will get the price you are asking. If the home has already been inspected and repairs already made by the time potential buyers are looking at it, then there will be less room for them to negotiate a lower price.

3. Price Your Home Accurately

It can be a guessing game for a listing agent to place a price tag on a home without a full picture of the home’s condition. They will base the price on the market and other homes nearby, but an inspection that uncovers major issues could call the price into question. The seller may be forced to either agree to a lower price and/or complete repairs within a very short time frame.

4. Gain Buyer & Realtor Trust

A home that has already been inspected shows a seller with nothing to hide. If the buyer is pleased with the inspection report and subsequent repairs, it’s possible they may choose to skip having another inspection. A home that has already been inspected will be much more competitive in the market than a home that hasn’t.

5. Warranties Transfer to The Buyer

A pre-listing inspection by All-Pro Home Inspections will come with free warranties valid through the length of the listing period. Customers will get a 1-year structural warranty from the date of the inspection that will transfer to the buyer. They will also get a 5-year roof leak warranty that transfers to the buyer and even resets at closing. 

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